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Read what people are saying about Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects

Here's a big fat list of comments from people who have read Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects. These are taken from various online forums as well as emails we received, circa 2005 when the book was first released. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

I just received my order, and the book is FANTASTIC. I've decided to stay in for New Year's Eve and read it! (email)

Thanks for the VERY fast shipping of your book within a few days it was over here in Europe. Finally I have not only a reference, but a VERY readable and entertaining book. Thanks a lot. (email)

Hello Tom, got the book thanks for the quick delivery. And yes, I do love the book; it is about time there was a book like this out. I thought about a book like this for a long time. (email)

Dear Analog Tom, I have just received your book titled Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects and I just wanted to send a note to say that it is great! It is obvious that a lot of time, effort, and passion went into the publication and you should be very pleased. Being an electrical engineer and a part time musician, I really appreciate the equipment side of music and enjoy finding out about the history of products. Your book provides excellent insight to the best effects around and covers items in great detail. It is great to see someone back themselves and believe in their thoughts and passion. It truly shows in the finished product! It is also great that you guys have made the book available to overseas customers. Living in Australia is frustrating at times as a lot of the good stuff is hard to get your hands on. Thanks for putting out such a fine book. (email)

Well Tom, all is wonderful. We received the book yesterday and it is just beautiful. The paper is great quality, the binding is good, the photos are excellent. Thank you, you did a great job. (email)

Dear Tom, the Book is absolutely fantastic; you have done a great job. I read it in a day (could not put it down). It will truly become the reference for all those seeking info on the history of effects. The detail and insightful interviews with all those involved with the great names in the effects world was so interesting. It will serve to make people aware of the huge impact that effects have had on the music scene over the past forty years or so. Like guitars and amps, effects now have a solid history with great names that will live on. (email)

I just finished your book and I really enjoyed it. The book had just the right amount of history and tech stuff, and humor! Great Job. Now, of course, I have the GAS/DIY bug even more. I've built three amps and now have begun my pedal quest. However, with pedals you can buy good ones and build special ones that are more to your own taste. I thought it was classy that you referred to the other boutique guys who are your competition. That tells me you are into it because you love the craft. Keep up the good work. (email)

Hello Tom! I finally received the book yesterday! It was a gift for my boyfriend! He was moooooooooooore than happy to get the book! It is full of information, well written, lots of illustrations... I'm sure your book will be a great source of information! Thanks again! (email)

I've been reading the Analog Man book. Oh my God... I've never been so guilt-free about being a complete anorak when reading something before... truly great and I'm only half way through... a living historical GEM. (email)

Tom, I just received the book, and all I can say is WOW! Great job - the research was so thorough and the pictures are great. Brought back a lot of memories of all the "toys" I used to have, still do (but haven't played much) and the ones that got away (like my Ross Phaser and Distortion I left in the back of an amp that I sold - ouch!). Thanks for all your effort - it was worth the wait. (email)

Hi Tom, just wanted to let you know that the book arrived safely and that I think it is fantastic. I had been waiting for someone to write a book on pedals like this! (email)

Just received my Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects today. This is a comprehensive book dealing with the history of effects, wahs, etc. from classic to mass-marketed to boutique and so on. It contains stories about the various companies, designers (with some interviews), effects technology, a directory, and much more. Fantastic photos throughout! This book appears very wide-ranging in its scope. Anyone interested in effects will enjoy it. Kudos to Tom Hughes for a well-researched and executed book. Jam on... (Music Toyz forum)

I got mine today - FANTASTIC! Much fatter than I expected, Analog Man can't be making a cent from it!!!!!!! Riveting stuff. Only thing missing was a photo of the EH assembly line in summer... Great book; thanks to Analog Man for doing it, and thanks to everyone who contributed (it must have been painful for some of them to be reminded of the follies of their youth). Magnificent. Paul Perry, Frostwave (DIY Stompbox forum)

I got my copy two days ago. I have read it already - being the huge effects pedal fan that I am, I just couldn't stop. I have played the guitar for 25 years and I have owned many, many pedals. Many of those I have got rid of through the years, now to see them having become sought-after, highly valued vintage items...

The book is very high quality, with top end paper and a lot of photographs to drool over, both B&W and color. Physically, it will probably last forever and that is important for a reference book like this one. It really has to be what it set out to be: the best effects book ever written. It concentrates on "pedal" type effects: particularly vintage ones and trend-setting and/ or good-sounding classics - the treasures we have come to value like vintage guitars and amps.

A special feature I like about the book is that a lot of research has been put into it. Many records are finally set straight as to who really did what - like who invented a particular pedal and so on... My personal favorite among the stories has to be the lengthy and colorful one on the wah-wah pedal (p. 28-35), which may well be the one story to put an end to all the stories on that one...

Anyway, the book is a really good read and a fantastic reference on effects pedals. Many times it almost brings a tear to my eyes reading about and seeing photos of pedals I thought I had forgotten. This has already become one of my all-time favorite books. I said that it will probably last forever - I will certainly do my best to put it through the test of hard use... :-) (Delphi forum)

Tom, nice job! After spending only an hour with your book (newly arrived) I'll say I'd pay the price of admission for the photos alone, but the book really seems well researched, well organized, well written. A few more like this and you'll be rich as Stephen King! (Delphi forum)

I got the book a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say it rules! Oh my God, put your hand in your pocket and buy it, and if you don't like it put it on eBay. (Delphi forum)

I got my copy last week and have read it from cover to cover. I am now going back and reading sections over again, quoting newly learned factoids to my musician friends and other gear heads, like a real dweeb. A fantastic reference source.

I must confess, as thorough as this book is, it whetted my appetite and left me wanting more. It also really made me want to seriously collect as many of these pedals as I possibly can - despite of the risk of divorce that that would no doubt create. My wife continually tells me that I have far too much gear as it is, most especially pedals.

This book is a great addition to any serious tone geeks library. After seeing the continually growing NEXT WAVE of boutique analog effects builders that are cropping up, the story is far from over. I, for one, LOVE it. Do yourself a favor and get this book NOW! (Delphi forum)

I got your book and it rocks! I can't stop reading it. (Delphi forum)

Finally got mine!!!! This book is excellent! Great pictures, informative interviews, and full of information. It's definitely worthy of the Analog Man name. Congratulations, Tom! P.S. When's Volume II coming out? :) (Delphi Forum)

I've got mine and finished reading it last weekend. It's a great book with a ton of info that even forum nerds like us didn't know. I really enjoyed the way it was laid out and the majority of the content. There is NO book about the subject that I've read that is as entertaining and informative. Definitely worth it. (HC forum)

Ha ha, it arrived. This book is DANGEROUS! I am in awe. (Plexi Palace Vintage Amp Forum)

Guitar Player magazine review by Art Thompson (July, 2005 issue)

This comprehensive book covers all of the key effects that have been integral to electric guitar history, as well as a huge number of lesser-known pedals that continue to lure and excite collectors and players. In the initial chapters, Hughes details the development of many effects (including reverb, fuzz, wah, tape and analog delay, modulation effects, filters, octave devices, ring modulators, etc.), as well as providing great explanations of some of the technologies behind them.

Next comes a handy reference guide to over 150 vintage effects manufacturers and their products, a lovely color photo gallery of classic stompboxes, a chapter devoted to modern boutique pedal makers, and many more photos and descriptions of the rarest and the most essential effects from the '60s and '70s. Subsequent chapters address a range of topics, including frequently asked questions about vintage pedals, effects trivia (did you know, for example, that the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase came in two different color schemes?), maintenance tips, spotting fakes (essential reading for online buyers), and discussions with company founders Mike Matthews (Electro-Harmonix), Keith Barr (MXR, Alesis), and Roger Mayer. There are also exclusive, insightful interviews with a number of important effects designers.

Packed with great information and a wealth of photos, this 280-page book is one-stop shopping for just about anything you need to know about stompboxes. Highly recommended! For Musicians Only Publishing. -Art Thompson

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Electronic Musician magazine review By Geary Yelton (June 2005)

If you are a collector of effects pedals, For Musicians Only Publishing (www.formusiciansonly.com) has a book that raises stompboxes to cult status. Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects ($39.95) is, according to author Tom Hughes, "the most complete and comprehensive resource for vintage effects to date." Indeed, every type of effects processor is discussed in detail, including such rarities as the EMS Synthi Hi-Fli, the Ampeg Scrambler, and the legendary Psychedelic Machine. Eighty pages are devoted to the history of stompboxes, followed by an in-depth explanation of effects technology. Brief descriptions of more than 150 manufacturers are followed by a look at today's makers of boutique effects. The book is profusely illustrated, with hundreds of photos and reproductions of some original print ads. It also features a very entertaining foreword by King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew.

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Here's a video review of the book by Bryan S. (a.k.a. workinclasszero on the Harmony Central forums). Bryan gives the book 5 stars saying, "Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects is one of the most comprehensive and complete books related to the particularities and passion of signal processing. Almost everything there is to know and worth knowing related to the subject is covered with an enthusiasm rarely seen."

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Speaking of video reviews, check out this interview with Joe Satriani where he talks about Analog Man's Guide toward the very end of the interview (it's a long interview, so feel free to skip ahead if you just want to hear what he says about the book).

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Joe Satriani Loves The Book! He says, "It's just the greatest book on pedals... like the anthology of all pedals."

Comments from boutique pedal builders:

"If you're into guitar effects, you must own this book. Get some history about your favorite topic, read some great interviews and drool over some amazing photos. I'm honored to be part of this book, it's a great document on a subject that you don't see too many books on. This is a book you'll come back to over and over again."
- Dave Fox (Foxrox Electronics)

"All I know is if the book comes into the bathroom with me, I take 35% longer to take care of business."
- Nicholas Harris (Catalinbread)

"The Bible of the Stompbox? Certainly the Book of Genesis! I wish I'd had this when I started my own effects business. Offers valuable insight to the human aspects of applied stompboxology. Analog Tom shows us that there is as much sweat, blood, and tears in these boxes as solder."
- Paul Perry (Frostwave)