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Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects

Table of Contents

Foreword by Adrian Belew

Introduction by Analog Mike

Chapter 1) The Prehistoric Era of Vintage Effects - The evolution of music electronics that led to current state of the contemporary stompbox.

Chapter 2) The History of Vintage Effects - Part I, Transistorized!

Chapter 3) The History of Vintage Effects - Part II, The Golden Age of Vintage Effects

Chapter 4) The History of Vintage Effects - Part III, The Golden Age Continues / Part IV, End of An Era

Chapter 5) Effects Technology - Technical explanation of how effects work by former Electro-Harmonix engineer Howard (Mick) Davis. Also, the influence of synthesizer technology on the stompbox, analog delay (BBD) chips, and phase shifting

Chapter 6) Effects Directory - Comprehensive index of over 150 vintage effects manufacturers, with detailed company profiles, listing nearly 1000 products

Photo Gallery - Analog Man Vintage Effects Museum

Chapter 7) State of the Stomp Today - The stompbox revival of the nineties, the Birth of Boutique, Mod Mania, and DIY

Chapter 8) Hen's Teeth - World's Rarest Effects

Chapter 9) Analog Man Vintage Effects Hall of Fame - The most influential and popular effects of all time

Chapter 10) Analog Man FAQs and Fiction - Frequently Asked Questions, trivia, tech tips, and more

Chapter 11) Vintage VIPs - Extended interviews with three illustrious innovators who really made the stomp scene happen - Mike Matthews, Keith Barr, and Roger Mayer

Chapter 12) Designers of Devices, Gurus of Gear - Conversations with some of the engineers who created many of the world's most famous effects, including David Cockerell, Fumio Media, Richard Neatrour, Rich Walborn, Doug Talley, Howard (Mick) Davis, Pete Cornish, and Jeorge Tripps